What language do they speak in Tanzania?


Tanzania is a unique country in East Africa with magnificent geological features and wildlife. With over a quarter of the country comprising national parks, it’s a paradise for tourists and visitors. What’s more, there are tropical islands and stunning beaches for those who go there for relaxation. Before you start catching some expressions in languagescontinue reading

What is the Capital City of Tanzania?

Tanzania flag

Tanzania (officially the United Republic of Tanzania) is an East African country located in the African Great Lakes region. It shares borders with Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and the Comoro Islands. One of the world-famous aspects of Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point and biggest mountain of Africa. There are many other interesting aspects ofcontinue reading

Tanzania Religion

Tanzania Religion

Tanzania is a diverse country with many different tribes, cultures, and traditional religions. There are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and of course, traditional tribal beliefs. One of the most exciting aspects of Tanzania is that so many religions are present in this one country. This means that travelers will have to be prepared for somecontinue reading

What is the Climate of Tanzania?

Climate of Tanzania

Africa is a great continent that has world-class tourist destinations. However, the weather can be unpredictable and hot. If you’re traveling to Tanzania for your vacation or other reason, it’s essential to know what kind of weather to expect so that you can plan your trip and pack your luggage accordingly! The climate varies dependingcontinue reading

What is the Population of Tanzania

What is the Population of Tanzania

Since the dawn of man, when humankind was born on the savannah of East and Southern Africa, Tanzania has become a home to numerous races and nations. Throughout centuries, all of these people have made an enormous impact on the history of the country. Starting with Bantu settlers and ending with Arabs from Persia andcontinue reading

How safe is Tanzania?

How safe is Tanzania?

As the world becomes more and more integrated, it is important to be aware of the safety conditions in other countries. Tanzania has a rich history as well as many unique opportunities for adventure seekers. This East African country is a destination that many adventure seekers and explorers dream about. The natural beauty, culture, andcontinue reading

Where is Zanzibar located?

Where is Zanzibar

Tanzania, one of the most populous countries in Africa, is located on the eastern coast of the continent. It has a population of about 56 million and spans an area that is roughly twice as large as Texas. The capital city is Dodoma, which was originally established as a military camp for occupying forces fromcontinue reading